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Sitting And Boarding

We also offer dog sitting and boarding, and cat sitting! Please read on to learn more!


Pup Sitting and Boarding

Going away for an adventure of your own? Leave your pups in our capable hands! We offer in-home dog sitting, as well as dog boarding in our own homes.

Sitting & boarding is first come first serve! We generally prioritize current dog walking clients for sitting, but send us a note and we'll see what we can do!

Before we can commit board your pup, we do require an assessment to make sure your pup acclimatizes well to our homes and our own pups!

Please note that we are a small team and cannot always accommodate all sitting & boarding requests.

Dog sitting & boarding

per night- $100

*each additional pup is $15*

Holiday weekend price: $150

Cat Sitting

If you're headed out of town for a while, our animal loving adventure guides are happy to stop in on your cats while you are away! We generally will stop by for 30-45 minutes to socialize, play with, and feed your feline friends, change their litter box, and give them fresh water!

Cat sitting

per night- $30

*each additional cat is $15*

Holiday weekend price: $50

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