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We offer a variety of adventures: hikes, neighborhood dog walks, playgroups, and solo focused walks. On these outings, we use only Positive Reinforcement (i.e. we will not use prong, choke, or e-collars). For those who have specific wants and needs for their pup’s ongoing training, please see our "Training" page, which includes more information about our

training walks

Please read below for adventure descriptions and pricing! After hours & weekend outings are an extra $5.

Please also note that we have new guidelines in place due to Covid-19, which we are happy to go over more before and during a meet & greet.

Pups should be 4-5 months old before joining playgroups and 7-8 months before joining hikes. For puppy info, please see our "Lil Adventurers" page.



Our hikes are either 1 or 2 hours, and are perfect for pups who have a lot of physical energy to burn. Their mental exercise is also fulfilled in exploring the environment, practicing recalls. We set them up for success by using long-lines to ensure their safety until your pup and their walker have established a trusting relationship with one another to run off-leash, if they are in an off-leash environment.

  • 1 hour hike - $49

  • 2 hour hike - $69

      (each additional pup is




Neighborhood walks are perfect for most dogs. Choose from 30 minutes or 45 minutes, or for a stroll/bathroom break of 15-20 minutes. We go at the dog’s pace and encourage polite leash behavior while they explore their neighborhood and the new smells each day brings!

We also offer solo focused walks, 30 minute walks in which our walker will concentrate on loose leash walking and reactivity with your pup.

  • 30 min walk - $34

  • 45 min walk - $38

  • 30 min solo walk- $38

  • Potty break- $27

   (each additional pup is half)



Playgroup Adventures are for the social pup! These outings are 1 hour and are perfect for the dog who's everyone's friend. To ensure that your pup has a great time at the park, we work to pair them with dogs we believe are like-minded and play similarly. Safety is our number one goal when in an exciting environment like a dog park, and we want your dog to be in the right mindset to make good decisions.

  •  1 hour playgroup - $43

   (each additional pup is half)

*Please note that we ask that per contract, clients book two adventures with us per week, unless you wish to schedule one 2 hour hike!*

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