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Safety And Emergencies

We take pet safety very seriously at APC and we always strive to continue learning about how to keep our dogs safe while driving, and on the streets and trails.

car safety

In event of an emergency an unsecured dog becomes a flying projectile and can injure themselves or others. We ask all clients to provide a dog harness with front and back clips, so they can be safely secured in the car. We always ensure dogs are relaxed during the ride and we aim to keep car trips short! 


We use crash tested car safety products, such as bungee seat belt clip leashes while driving and car hammocks to provide comfort. And of course, we use top of the line Garmin GPS trackers on our dogs!


APC will do everything in our power to ensure quick and proper care for your dog in the unlikely event of an emergency! Dog owners will be notified ASAP in the event of emergency. If the owner is unreachable, the secondary emergency contact will be contacted. We have emergency first aid supplies on hand and our reliable team of Adventure Guides is quick to respond when help is needed.

In the event of injuries which require immediate emergency care, Adventure Pups Cooperative will not hesitate to take the pet to Blue Pearl Pet Hospital, (located at 56 Roland St, Boston, MA 02129). Depending on the severity of the injury and the urgency at which it needs to be looked at by a medical professional, we will contact the client before or after bringing the pet to Blue Pearl.

inclement weather risks

Adventure Guides will shorten outings if the temperature falls below 15 degrees fahrenheit or over 90 degrees fahrenheit for the safety of the dogs. Water and treats are always provided to the dogs during outings!

We ask that owners provide proper gear for cold weather (such as dog coats, boots if needed, we can apply Musher's Dog Paw Wax if provided).

get in touch

For questions, comments, or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us via email or text your usual Adventure Guide!

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