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About US


Our Mission

As a cooperative, we believe in compassion for both your pets and for our workers.

We are a group of dog walkers who value your pup’s dignity, happiness and health. That’s why our Adventure Guides and certified/certified-bound dog trainers use positive reinforcement based methods on our hikes and walks. We strive to teach both our clients and our pups these techniques in order to help you develop a stronger bond and build clearer communication with your pup. By using this method on our outings, we’re able to provide both physical and mental stimulation for your pup.

We further strive to create a work environment that puts the worker first, so that our Adventure Guides can give your pets the undivided attention, expertise, and love they deserve. Our unique, horizontally-structured cooperative empowers our workers with democratic control of their workplace, a thriving wage, and benefits. Our cooperative works to be an anti-oppressive, anti-racist, inclusive, and democratic workplace.

Research on cooperative businesses shows that cooperative jobs improve the quality of life for the workers, their clients, and the communities they’re based in! Furthermore, research shows that cooperatives are more likely to have more productive, motivated, committed, and skilled workers.

Most importantly, we love dogs and working and playing with them! If you choose Adventure Pups Cooperative for your family, you will experience the most skilled, motivated, and committed dog walkers and trainers around. Tails will wag, we promise.

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