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Michelle Mindick


Adventure Guide


Caroline McKenna


Adventure Guide

Hi there! My name is Michelle and I’m dog mom to Leo, teacher of 10+ years and lover of nature. One of my favorite things is adventuring in the woods with my favorite pup friends. My approach to working with all animals is to be patient, go at their pace, respect their boundaries and listen to what they’re trying to tell me - whether it be verbal or physical. I’ve picked up lots of great tools after working with trainers and behaviorists with my own pup and I apply those insights with all my new pup friends here at APC. I’m grateful to get to be the one to see your dog’s smiling face and frolic around the Fells with them every day - so, come on, let’s go!

Hi, I’m Caroline! I have been working with dogs for a little over 2 years now and I have experience in the daycare setting as well as in veterinary medicine. I am currently getting my associates degree in veterinary technology. As a kid, I was frequently found watching Animal Planet, participating in a local 4-H program and forming an intense bond with the goats, and dreaming of being a police officer for the sole reason that I knew some of them got to have dogs.


I am incredibly passionate about providing dogs with the proper training, enrichment, and love that is essential to allowing them to live the best life they can. I am so excited to be working with APC alongside those who share my values and beliefs. I can’t wait to grow, learn, and have an adventure with your amazing pups!




Co-Founder, Adventure Guide, Operations Director

Hello, I’m Tessa! Born and raised in the Greater Boston area, I spent a lot of time as a kid trying to train my English Bulldog to run through agility courses I would set up. Needless to say, it did not go very well. I’ve spent the last seven years working with dogs in a myriad of ways: as a volunteer at local shelters, as a dog walker and hiker, and now working to become a trainer.


One of my favorite things about working with pups is seeing how they grow over time. I love finding out what they are passionate about, whether that’s hiking, swimming, trick-work or snacks. I’m passionate about force-free and positive reinforcement care for your pups and cannot wait to start working with them! 




Co-Founder, Adventure Guide, Marketing Director

Hi, I’m Pine, and I’ve been hanging out and working with dogs since I was a wee pup myself! I have 4 years experience working as a dog walker and off-leash hiker in the area, and a year interning at a local dog training club. Dogs have such a special place in our lives and hearts, and they deserve to lead happy and fulfilling lives just like any of us. Being a part of giving many different pups the lives they deserve brings me great joy.

I also believe that workers deserve dignity, happiness, and power in their workplaces. That's why I co-founded Adventure Pups Cooperative; to give people who love dogs as much as me a dignified workplace, so they can give their all to the pups.


Angie DUNN



Co-Founder, Adventure Guide, Training Director

Hello hello, I’m Angie! I was always a dog-loving kid, but my dog journey didn't truly begin until I started volunteering for a dog rescue/foster group back in 2011, and became lead volunteer in 2013. During this time, I developed a passion for teaching people about dogs' individual needs. I became a dog trainer in 2014, and then began dog walking began in 2017. I was bit by the walker bug, and found my dream job. I love spending the day exploring Greater Boston with my client pups, rain or shine! Working as a dog trainer is my passion; I love helping people better understand their dog's individual needs, and seeing their relationships develop and grow.

This is the job I've wanted since childhood. That's why I was excited to be a part of the founding team for Adventure Pups. I want to be part of a business that functions on the idea that in order for it to thrive, its workers deserve all the support to thrive themselves. 


Matt Burke


Adventure Guide

Oh hey! My name is Matt and I’ve been running with one pack of pups or another since I was a kid. I have worked with dogs in various settings, from daycare to shelters, and my goal has always been the same; building relationships with dogs in order to enrich their lives, as well as the lives of their human counterparts.


My favorite thing about working with dogs is figuring out what makes them tick and helping them find a purpose. They’ve helped me discover mine, so it’s only right that I return the favor!


Olivia Carter


Adventure Guide

Hey there, my name is Olivia! I cannot wait to spend some time with your pups outside. My love for animals and dogs specifically has always been deep and expansive. It is so exciting to be working for adventure pups, where I can do the work that brings me such joy while being with a company that allows me to do it with dignity. My favorite thing about working with dogs is getting to know their different personalities. Just like humans, they come in all kinds of ways and it fascinates me to no end.

My background primarily lies in working with children on the autism spectrum and with people who are Blind. While I worked at the school for the blind I had an opportunity to learn from and work with guide dogs. It was an incredible experience that inspired me to look for a way to work with dogs full time, and here I am. Looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead!


Sasha aronson


Adventure Guide

Hey all! I am Sasha, an animal lover, creative weirdo and fellow nature lover.a Vermonter I grew up with an appreciation for taking my dogs on fun adventures in the woods, swimming in creeks and running in fields. I hope to share these experiences with your pups too and capture their smiling faces!


Since graduating from art school at Lesley University, I started painting animal portraits and that is what lead to me to a local pet care company, where my passion for pet care blossomed! I am now fully committed to caring for animals and it’s the most rewarding experience to connect with each dog individually. My professional pet care experience ranges from managing a local doggy daycare, dog walking, dog grooming, pet photography, rabbit + cat sitting and more. 


My favorite thing about working with dogs is their abundant joy, patience, and kindness they show us. I believe humans should be more like dogs. They truly deserve the best lives possible. And yes, I’m the one with the snacks in my pocket! 

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