Training Services

Our trainers are certified by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers, or are certified-bound and have been gaining the work experience required to earn the CCPDT certification. Angie Dunn is currently available for private in-home sessions of basic obedience training using Positive Reinforcement based techniques. Our trainers share the values of the CCPDT, which is why we chose to seek certification through their organization. Check out our Our Trainers page for our current training credentials.


During our initial consultation with you, we'll take the time to work with you and help decide the next best steps for you and your pup. If at any time we feel you need help we are unable to provide we will personally work with you to find a professional better suited to your pup's needs.


Training is more than just teaching your dog to sit or do cute tricks! It can help you and your pup develop a stronger bond together by building skills to communicate clearly to your pup using mainly Positive Reinforcement techniques. As a practical example: Is your pup pulling you to meet dogs and friendly strangers? We can instead teach them that by walking calmly with a loose leash is what allows them to approach those who may become their new best friends!


The Training services we offer use techniques designed to help address:

-Crate Training

-House-Breaking/Potty Training

-Attention Building

-Loose leash walking introduction

-Impulse control


Training Walks

Experiencing difficulties on your walks together? We'll work with you in addressing what is triggering your dog to react strongly while on leash, and develop a plan of action to help address this with our training walks. This is not unlike our solo and focused walks, but what makes our training walks unique is working with a trainer who will give you detailed notes of what happened on the walk, and check-in sessions to help you continue to succeed together.


We'll start by meeting with you for the initial consultation, and go on a short walk with you and your pup. After that we'll develop a plan on how we'll handle the walks, to ensure that we set your dog up to minimize the chance for the reaction they experience to happen. We'll have in-person check ins as well.